004 Diane Lockman

Meet Diane Lockman

I am joined in this show by Diane Lockman and we talk about homeschooling using the classical methods.

Meet Diane Lockman

Every week during the school year, Diane Lockman teaches (1) high school humanities classes to homeschool teens, (2) English as a 2nd language to Iraqi refugees, and (3) […]

003 Yvonne Bunn

Yvonne Bunn

In this show I am joined by Yvonne Bunn and we talk about homeschooling in the early days, homeschooling conventions, and getting started in homeschooling.

Meet Yvonne Bunn

Yvonne Bunn—HEAV’s director of homeschool support and director of government affairs—works with HEAV’s legislative team to protect and improve Virginia’s homeschool laws. She also […]

002 Cameron Cloud

Cameron Cloud

I am joined in this show by my friend Cameron Cloud and we talk about homeschooling multi-generational homeschooling and other things.

Meet Cameron Cloud

Cameron is the husband of Lynn, father of Will and Dylan. He is the Pastor of Hatcher Baptist Church and has been for the […]

001 Introduction

Steve Donahue

Introducing the Home School Hope Podcast

In this Introduction to the Home School Hope Podcasts I introduce myself and the podcast. Learn why I am doing the podcast and what I hope to offer through it. Much of this information is repeated some what on the About page.

Resources mentioned in this […]


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