016 Tammy Lindsey

In this episode you will hear an interview with Tammy Lindsey, mom of the Lindsey Family as we talk about music, homeschooling, traveling while homeschooling, and living in an old school house.

Meet Tammy Lindsey

Alan and Tammy Lindsey

Alan and Tammy Lindsey

Wife of Alan and mother to eleven, Mama (Tammy) is the heart of the family. She likes to say that she’s produced more talent than anyone in the band! (Though in reality we know we have God to thank for that!) She joins in vocals and aspires to learn some instrument someday – when all of the children are grown and stop surpassing her every time she tries! Right now, she tends younger children and manages the scheduling for the band. She loves to write and has added one song to the family’s repertoire so far. She spends most of her time supervising a bustling home, training children, and overseeing homeschooling. She is also the encourager of the family and has mercy to spare!

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